Day #953

8:35 AM: Mrs. O’Leary is having her weekly call with her sister…

Well, that’s excellent. Now we really can have our Friday morning coffee talk!… So no surprise at all, Margaret tried to call me around 5:30 and I didn’t notice it until this morning… No surprise at all. And she just wants to know why we have to sign all this stuff… And of course I get this response and she was asking me all this questions and, of course, I had no idea myself, but I explained that Mother’s eight heirs all need to sign off on returning this one asset to the bank… Oh, right! Except himself, because he’s the lead authority on absolutely EVERYTHING.

When she added me to a joint checking account, that’s mine. That money is under my name and my name only. I’m under no legal obligation to give one red cent to anyone and that’s exactly what I’ll say if they put up a fuss.

Steve owes 500-something for the new pair of glasses I bought for him last fall. The new pair, and how many has he gone through since then? And then Jerry took the $1,000 when he had the issue with his car.

If Jim wants to be an ass about it, which of course he always chooses to be, guess what? I’ll keep her share.

Yeah, so I guess I gotta get the dust rag out and take out the cleaning stuff. I gotta start kickin some ass and takin some names.. We’ll see how far I get when we have our coffee clutch next Friday.


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