Day #925

8:15 AM: It’s Friday morning, which means it’s time for Mrs. O’Leary’s weekly coffee chat with her sister…

What time is it Aunt Paula?!… I guess it’s about that time!… You know I’m happy too. It’s been too hot and too dry… So, what’s goin’ on?… Where was it at?… MMMMMM…

Did you hear that the State of Illinois is being expelled from the Powerball?!… YES… They’ve gone too long without a budget, so they can’t even make the payments… And you know what? GOOD. Too bad… I was gonna say. Drive to another participating state. Don’t buy ’em here in Illinois… My dreams have been dashed once and for all… Heh heh… If I were so inclined, I could send Kathy money every week to buy them up in Wisconsin… I don’t know how often she’d be willing to traipse into town for that…

You know, I was thinking about going over to get my hair cut. It’s only been like a month, but it’s growing like a weed!




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