Day # 923

8:19 AM: Phyllis saw someone walking to the kitchen with a water bottle and a coffee mug. Phyllis said, “Two-fisting today, huh?! Must be one of those days.”

10:15 AM: Grace took a call…

Hello?… Yes, this is she… Oh, wow!… Yes, that sounds great, thank you! This works out nicely because I didn’t have money for lunch today… Okay, I hate to ask you to list them off, but what are your chips?… Okay, I’ll take the vinegar… Alright… Gimme the chocolate chip… I’ll be there probably about 11:45! Thank you!

Then she announces to us…

Grace: I just won free Jimmy John’s!

Phyllis: WOW!

Carson Kressley: How?!

Grace: You know, it’s one of those places where you put your card in the bowl and then they give you a free lunch if they pick you, so I dropped one in there.

Phyllis: I hope you ordered the 6-foot sub so you can share with all of us!

Phyllis, you know damn good and well Jimmy John’s doesn’t sell a 6-foot sub.

Grace: No, I ordered my usual.

Carson Kressley: WHY?! If I’m getting something free and they don’t limit the size, I’m getting the biggest one they offer. When I get enough of the Starbucks points, I always get the big one.

Grace: I’m just grateful to have won. I’m the one person who, if there’s a drawing and there are 10 prizes and 11 people, I’ll be the one person who doesn’t win a prize… But you have to be careful. One time I got a free lunch for 6 people and we got there, but they had to sit through some kind of personal finance.

Congratulations to Grace, who now gets to eat today.


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