Day #911

8:48 AM: Yesterday, the “Fun Committee” sent an email saying…

It’s National Donut Day! Friday, June 2 9 a.m. Kitchen

Today, Carson Kressley got to work, put his bag down, and went to the kitchen to put his lunch in the fridge. Phyllis asked when he got back…

Phyllis: Are there doughnuts in the kitchen?

Carson Kressley: No! You know, I got to the kitchen, I was putting my lunch away, and then I realized, “Wait, there are supposed to be doughnuts!”

Phyllis: Well, sometimes they do it at 9 instead of first thing in the morning so everyone can get them, even those who start later.

Sounds fair, you idiot.

Carson Kressley: Let’s check the email here then… Oh, yep. It says 9 a.m.

Phyllis: Okay, so this will be more of a mid-morning snack than a breakfast.

Who the fuck cares what it’s called, Phyllis? I call it a free doughnut. Eat it and shut the fuck up.

8:59 AM: Phyllis just came back from the kitchen with a new cup of tea…

Carson Kressley: Are they there yet?

Phyllis: No. But I did see Melanie heading down the elevator, so she must be going to Dunkin Donuts now.

Carson Kressley: Tell her to get a move on!

He was half joking with the last comment, but I’m certain those free doughnuts are the only thing going through his mind right now.

9:11 AM: The email arrived and Carson Kressley said “Well, the doughnuts have arrived. Should I go now, or wait 10 minutes for the crowd to die down?”

9:21 AM: I turned around and noticed Mrs. O’Leary is putting on chapstick – a LOT of it – with a small hand mirror.

10:13 AM: Mrs. O’Leary called her sister for her weekly Friday chat…

I’m just fine, how are you? You know what? I’ve actually still got a cup of coffee sittin’ on my desk right in front of me. It’s a little cold, but it’s not too late for us to have our coffee chat!… I have no idea. Alls I know is she went horseback riding and she injured her rib…


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