Day #909

9:52 AM: Roseanne Barr started whispering over my cubicle wall…

Roseanne Barr: Did you hear Mrs. O’Leary bitching to me earlier?

Me: Yeah, she said something about a rash?

Roseanne Barr: She’s got some kind of “stress rash” because she’s so stressed out about all this shit with her mother’s condo. They’re having a hard time selling it and she lives in the same building, so her condo association is paying for a lawyer to sue Mrs. O’Leary and her sisters.

Me: Oh god. She’s going to be bitching about that forever.

Roseanne Barr: Right. So she caught me this morning and bitched to me. And now she asked me if I wanted to go out for a smoke. I do, but I’m trying to avoid her, so I’m waiting for her to get back.

Me: Well, doesn’t she go to the south side of the building? Can you sneak out the east entrance and smoke on the other side?

Roseanne Barr: I would, but she occasionally goes and smokes on the east side, so I don’t want to risk it. But I just had six days off and could smoke whenever I wanted, so I’m dying for her to get back so I can go down.

As soon as Mrs. O’Leary got back, Roseanne Barr hotfooted it down the hall towards the elevator. Didn’t even try to be discrete about it. I sense a feud brewing.

11:20 AM: Grace has been quiet all day, but just piped up today say, “Server offline………. Error………. Hm.”


3:13 PM: Roseanne Barr was on the phone with some type of technical support and ended the call with, “Well, thanks again for endless transferring and absolutely no help. Again. Thank you!”


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