Day #890

8:17 AM: Phyllis walked in with some news.

Phyllis: I was at Peet’s coffee and they’re handing out samples. So I go to see what they’re handing out and it’s little pieces of waffles… with CHICKEN. It was some kind of waffle and chicken TOGETHER.

Me: Chicken and waffles?

Phyllis: Yeah! That was it.

Grace [sounding confused, like she’s waiting for the punch line]: Mhmm…? 

This is possibly the first time in 26 months that Grace and I have been on the same page.

Phyllis: I just don’t understand that. They have something sweet with something savory? I can’t imagine eating a bite of a soft, sweet waffle and then following that with CHICKEN.

Me: It’s a pretty popular dish.

Phyllis: Wow. This is just baffling.

Wait till Phyllis sees chocolate-dipped pretzels. That’s really gonna blow her mind.

8:39 AM: Phyllis has another interesting tidbit…

Phyllis: Grace, have you seen at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Bath & Body Works or anywhere where they sell fancy toilet paper?

Grace: What do you mean?

Phyllis: You know, with designs or scents or something.

Grace: No… Not that I can think of… I’m a Sam’s Club shopper, so I don’t really look for anything fancy when it comes to toilet paper.

Phyllis: Hmmm. I did an online search and it seems more like a foreign thing. Like those crazy Japanese have toilet paper with a cherry blossom design and it actually smells like cherry… I’m looking for toilet paper to send a friend. She lived in a literal shack in West Virginia for a while, but she recently moved in to an apartment, so the joke is that she now has indoor plumbing. I was thinking it would be funny to send her a fancy roll of toilet paper for her new indoor plumbing.

9:51 AM: Mrs. O’Leary left a voicemail for her sister, “Hey there, Aunt Paula. Sorry I didn’t call you this morning. We missed our regular Friday morning catch-up. I’m at work if you wanna give me call. I’ll be here til about quarter to four. Talk to ya later.”

11:03 AM: Mrs. O’Leary’s sister called back…

Well heya Paula! We missed our little coffee chat this morning… Well, I’m all done with my coffee now, but we can still chat…

You will never believe who called me Sunday out of the blue… Martha… Yep… I was in and out all day Sunday. I got up early and got my hair cut and then came home and went back out to the grocery store… Then she asked me what have you been up to? I said “Well, I’ve been living like a recluse over here by myself, but that’s kind of how I like it.”

I was reading about that movie today, but I’m going to have to pass on that one. I can’t do that medieval stuff with fighting and cutting. It’s just too much choppy choppy with the sword stuff. I’ve never once seen that show on HBO called “Game of Thrones” because that stuff is just not for me….


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