Day #883

8:01 AM: I walked in to find Mrs. O’Leary on the phone with her sister…

You know, I walked out of my apartment with my sunglasses on and took the bus to the train stop. By the time I got out of the bus, it was time for me to take my sunglasses off and put on my regular glasses. THAT’s how cloudy it got that quickly… Yep… So I think we might be in for some rain.

And not one of them called you to say, “Hey, how are ya?”… Exactly… They’ve been angry since Mother died, let’s face it. That’s when all this shit really started. I’m sick of it… There ya go… Your BFF… When exactly is she going to put her place on the market? Not that I care, but…

I can’t afford more than two days in the hotel… No… Well, that’s very nice of you to offer, but I think two days is plenty… I did convince her to make her that really good turkey pasta salad. When I saw Stan last week, I told him, you know what? It’s really just to die for… I’m going to make a Frango mint birthday cake. And I might even throw a batch of peanut butter fudge bars because I know Alan really likes his fudge bars…

I’m sure they didn’t tell Stan anything. They’re just going to blow it off and never tell him.

Right… you don’t want another 20-something-year-old because you have any idea what you’re gonna get…

Is that about sex?


Unclear what this was about. There was never any clarification on Mrs. O’Leary’s part.

Well, I gotta scoot… Yeah, this does seem like a good time to catch you. You’ve got your coffee. I’ve got mine and now we’ve had time to get all caught up… So yeah, I guess we’ll talk to each other around this time next Friday, huh?

Join us next Friday morning for the next episode of “Mrs. O’Leary Hates Her Life and Shits on Her Family.”


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