Day #881

3:24 PM: Grace is on the phone still dealing with the fallout from the time she set her kitchen on fire on Christmas Day in 2015. She’s on the phone with the insurance company trying to figure out why she hasn’t been reimbursed for things that are missing after her home was cleaned and repainted…
You know, they took these stuffed animals. Nothing expensive, these were just things that you know, my husband had given me over the years… Then there was the blood pressure cuff, which can cost around $100!…. Even the riding helmet we weren’t too worried about because I haven’t ridden in a long time. But that briefcase was $250 and we had the receipt! That’s a lot of money!
And what about the GameBoy things?! We put in the… Yeah, he omitted the GameBoy. And that – I’m sorry to say this – but that was stolen. Why else would the GameBoy and the games be gone?
Then there was the jacket. Dave had said the jacket was missing and I put that on the list, but then he found it and we were kind enough to say that we had found it and took it off the list.
Gracious Grace. Taking things off the list of stolen items because she’s so honest. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BRIEFCASE?!

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