Day #845

9:19 AM: Grace recently got two new monitors for her computer. Phil Dunphy’s Lame Cousin came over to talk about a document she was working on and she got a little confused…

See, this one has the picture like it’s supposed to, but if I open up this one… Oh, wait. I’m trying to go the wrong way here. My old monitors, you could drag from left to right and they’d cross here in the middle, but now my new monitors, you have to drag it out this way to get it to go from one monitor to the next.

It’s not worth it to tell her what an easy fix that is. 

9:23 AM: New girl on the other side of the aisle is spraying her desk with a can of condensed air to get the dust off. Phyllis chimed in and said “Sounds like a can of whipped cream!” and giggled to herself.



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