Day #841

8:07 AM: There is a woman I see around the office, but she has such a ghostly, witch-like appearance that I sometimes wonder if she’s just a figure of my imagination. She never speaks… until today.

I’m sitting peacefully at my computer and I hear a loud voice saying…

Old Witch: EXCUSE ME

At this point I look up, see who’s speaking to me and get a little startled…

Me: Yes?

Old Witch: It appears as if Roseanne Barr is out today.

Me: Um. I think she is out this morning but will be in this afternoon.

Old Witch: Okay then. I’ll come back later.

Me: Okay.

It’s early enough that no one else is in the area. I wish there was someone I could turn to to ask, “You saw her, right?”

12:33 PM: The Old Witch came back and spoke to Roseanne Barr, who replied. I’m not the only one who sees her.


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