Day #840

8:12 AM: I was talking to Roseanne Barr and asked her how long she had been here…

Roseanne Barr: It’ll be 30 years this November.

Me: Oh, so this is a big one. You’ll get called up during the all-staff meeting and get a certificate from the CEO!

Roseanne Barr: I won’t be here that day.

Me: Oh, really? What are you going to be doing?

Roseanne Barr: I don’t know. But once they schedule it, I’ll request the day off. I’m not shaking his hand. I don’t do that shit where I pretend to be nice.

All she would need to do is walk up and shake the CEO’s hand to receive a certificate, but that’s too much nicety for Roseanne Barr.



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