Day #837

3:24 PM: It’s been a quiet day, but now Mrs. O’Leary is on the phone iwth her sister…

Did you see that email we got from Phoebe? Did you know about Cecily and Tate? They’re expecting! They’ve tried. I don’t even know how long… So she wants to come in for a baby shower… I guess there’s this big dinner/dance fundraiser for the hospital. Did she say it’s in Rosemont or something or other? But it’s 175 bucks a head. It’s like uh. No. No can do. But I guess Cecily and Tate are going to be in town that weekend, so they want to have a baby shower that Sunday… But you know, she wrote “I assume everyone heard the great news,” and I’m like, “NO! Cuz nobody ever tells me anything!”

I saw his Facebook post about that. You guys wanna go?… I appreciate that. I really do, but I’m gonna have to take a pass on that… It’s just not in the budget. Travel’s not in the budget. I just can’t sponsor everybody’s fundraiser for everything. They’ve got those Candy Days… That’s always sometime in April and they’ve always got these people around collecting money. That I always give to, but I can’t do it all!

So how the heck are ya?… Maybe so. Maybe so. See, now that’s doable for me. That would be local… Oh, she is? What’s she havin’ done?… Wow. You’re just full o’ tidbits today, aren’t you?… Well, I don’t know anything about the guy, except for that he ran the treasury department… And that he was a rascal yeah… Ugh. Alright. [While yawning loudly] Well, It’s gettin’ bout time for me to skedaddle outta here. One down four to go… Okay, see ya bye!

She used this time on the phone with her sister to change her shoes and pack up her bag so she could peace out as soon as she hung up the phone.




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