Day #830

8:34 AM: One of the girls from the Marketing Department celebrated a birthday over the weekend. She came over to tell Roseanne Barr all about it and took a chair from an empty cubicle so she could take a seat while recapping every single element of the meal she had with her family…

Our call-ahead was for 6:00, which is when we got there. But then they said it would be 15 minutes, but we still didn’t get seated until 6:30. That was fine, it was okay. They have an area to sit, but I was still surprised. We had the call-ahead arrangement, so I don’t get why they weren’t ready to seat us sooner. And with the baby, it just made things more complicated, you know? It was fine though. 

So we got to the table and it was a nice big table with space for us. I told you last week I was going to get a Mai Thai, but I actually got a mango drink instead. They were all drinking Mai Thais, so they got a pitcher, but it was my birthday so I kind of wanted my own drink. I got the crab claws, which I had never had before. There were about six of them and they were pretty big, so that was enough for me. My husband got a steak. Now, he usually gets his medium, and this was probably closer to medium well. It was fine for him, he liked it, but a lot of people I think they like their steaks a little more pink when they order a medium.

Roseanne Barr is captivated, obviously.

10:57 AM: Grace walked into Phil Dunphy’s Lame Question and announced…

I’m going to ask a really stupid question…

Which is what she should say before every questions she asks.


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