Day #823

8:23 AM: It’s dark outside, so Phyllis closed her blinds as soon as she arrived today. Didn’t even take off her coat. Just had to close those blinds so she couldn’t see that gloomy sky.

9:40 AM: Roseanne Barr made a lot of klotchkys over the weekend. She brought in three large containers of them and placed them at the end of her desk. Phyllis and Carson Kressley keep looking at them, but know better than to take one. IMG_9080

12:17 PM: Someone has placed a hard, brown butt cushion in the kitchen and called it a “banana bundt.”


1:48 PM: In the past two minutes, Grace has said the following to herself, “Hmmm… What the…?! What’s going on here? Did he put…?”

3:38 PM: The cranky old librarian is in the copy room yelling “NOW WHAT?! That’s not what I wanted god damnit!”


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