Day #813

8:46 AM: Phyllis is in the middle of a phone call, but when Carson Kressley walked in, she said…

Phyllis: Hold on a sec… Carson Kressley, there is tons of food in the kitchen. They’ve got fruit, salads, pasta. The fridge is full.

Carson Kressley: Oh, okay!

Phyllis: They apparently had a dinner last night and had so much they had to throw some away.

Carson Kressley: Ugh.

Phyllis: I know. I guess there was no one here with their leftover containers.

Our Board will be in the office eating catered meals through the end of tomorrow. There’s going to be a lot of free food talk in the coming days. 

8:56 AM: Carson Kressley came back from the kitchen with some judgment on the leftover food…

Carson Kressley: You’re right. There is so much food in there. I got some salad and a little bit of pasta salad. It’s good, but I forgot to dress it.

Phyllis: Oh, it’s not pre-dressed?

Carson Kressley: It doesn’t seem to be. But there’s also a lot of bread and then a whole tray of this meat with cheese on top. It doesn’t look very appetizing.

Phyllis: You mean Italian Beef for sandwiches?

Carson Kressley: No, it’s like a tray of sliced meat with a bunch of orange cheese all over the top.

Phyllis: It’s Italian Beef. It’s a popular Chicago food. You put the beef on the buns and some people like to dip the whole thing in the aus jus.

Carson Kressley: So that wasn’t cheese on top?

Phyllis: I didn’t look at it, but I bet it’s the fat from the aus jus.

Carson Kressley: Oh my god. I’m so glad I didn’t get any of it!

12:36 AM: Walking to my desk, I noticed Roseanne Barr was whispering with one of her friends. I could tell she was gossiping, so I asked what’s up…

We’re trying to see what Stella is wearing. When the Board comes in, she usually dresses kind of slutty, so we’re curious what she’s wearing today… I don’t know why the hell she’d do that. They’re all just old men. But most of the time she wears heels when they come in to town and they’re usually two sizes too big for her, so she’ll be clopping around like a horse trying to keep her feet in her shoes. I always thought “What, did you borrow these from your mother or something? Why don’t you get shoes that fit?”



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