Day #804

8:17 AM: Phyllis walked in to the office with an announcement…

The building at Franklin and Monroe is giving out free Valentine’s Day Cookies. And they have a harpist! Dressed in red! I guess our building’s got pink lights on the wall. That’s about it, huh?

9:11 AM: Phyllis’s walking buddy from the other side of the office came over to Phyllis’s desk with a gift…

Friend: Thank you so much for your gift and your card! That was the sweetest card. Made me cry!

Phyllis: Oh no! It was supposed to make you happy!

Friend: It was just so sweet.

Phyllis: Well I’m glad you liked it.

Friend: And here’s your gift…

Phyllis: Thank you… [Opens and reads the card] Awwwww! Thank you so much. That is so nice.

Friend: I’m sorry, I’m just feeling very sappy today.

Phyllis: That’s okay! Well, I’m glad we’ll get to go for our walk today.

Friend: Me too! And it’s sunny, so that’ll be nice.

Phyllis: And now I’ve got a little bit of candy to put an extra pep in my step right before lunch!

I think I just uncovered a secret lesbian love affair.



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