Day #799

8:50 AM: Grace has started doing this thing where she makes an “Ooh!” or “Ah!” sound as if she is experiencing a sharp pain and then follows it with reaching her left arm towards the ceiling. She just extends her left arm up and bends her torso a little bit to the right.

Imagine an 80’s workout video, but instead of Jane Fonda wearing teal spandex, it’s Grace wearing the red shawlneck sweater with a decorative pleather buckle that she wears to the holiday party every year. I can’t see it from here, but I’m willing to bet her pasty white belly is making an appearance from under the sweater.

10:50 AM: Carson Kressley and I attended a conference call with people from some other departments. A nice older lady from the Marketing Department brought in some pecan bars that her husband made. Everyone took one and thanked her. Carson Kressley took three throughout the course of the meeting.

11:08 AM: The sun came out and it was a free-for-all to get the blinds up. Phyllis and Carson Kressley were pulling the strings on the blinds like Quasimodo ringing the bells in Notre Dame.

11:36 AM: Phyllis returned from the kitchen and announced, “Whelp! The sun’s gone now!” Carson Kressley responded with optimism, saying “It’s just behind a cloud. It’ll be back.”

That’s what Samara said after they closed her in the well.

3:04 PM: I had to walk Grace through a process with our video camera and noticed a long, white hair protruding from her eyebrow. It was perpendicular to her face and could easily be used as a proximity sensor as cats do with their whiskers.


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