Day #797

8:22 AM: Mrs. O’Leary was out for most of last week, but she’s back with a bang today. She’s sending some type of package and spending her requisite 5 minutes taping it shut.

8:23 AM: It’s dark and cloudy outside, so Phyllis shut her blinds as soon as she walked in to the office. When Grace got here, she felt the need to comment…

Phyllis: So we don’t have to travel to London. We have London right here.

Grace: It’s not quite the same, but it is gloomy.

Phyllis: You’re right. People here don’t dress quite as nicely as they do in London. Everyone is just wearing black.

Grace: I know, you step off the train and it’s just a sea of black.

Phyllis: I feel like if I have Navy on, I’m a renegade.

Grace: I know! I wear a gray jacket and it’s like I’m “born to be wild.”

Judging by the amount of leopard print Grace wears, she may actually think she was born to be wild.

2:58 PM: Grace must have some hearing issues. She just picked up the phone to call someone who is participating in an interview with her and startled me when she started screaming into the phone…

Hi! This is Grace! Yes, I am sorry you haven’t been getting my emails. I was wondering if I could send the interview questions to you again, or if you’d prefer for me to call you at a later time and we could go through the questions and you can just answer them over the phone… Oh, okay. So you did get the questions? From Carson Kressley? Oh okay!

I knew this because I heard Carson Kressley say it to Grace less than five minutes ago.

Well then, since you’re typing, why don’t you proceed with that… I said SINCE YOU’RE ALREADY TYPING, WHY DON’T JUST… KEEP DOING THAT.

Okay then. Sorry for the confusion. Technology is wonderful… Except for when it doesn’t work! Thanks for participating. BYE BYE NOW!

I wish Grace would just go Bye Bye now.



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