Day #790

8:21 AM: Grace walked in and Phyllis made an announcement to her…

Phyllis: I’ve closed my blinds! Gone back to my eternal winter.

Grace: Another dreary day.

Phyllis: This is the day that marks the difference in the average temperature. So now the temperature is supposed to go up!

Grace: Then they get longer! By what? About 5 seconds every day? Okay… it starts accumulating, but it’s like….

Phyllis: I think there’s something where the day gets longer, but the time doesn’t necessarily get tacked on at the end of the day? The sun won’t set that much later.

Grace: And then it’s funny to think about the – primitive people – for lack of a better word, who just thought “Wow! Big ball of light is back in sky!”

Phyllis: It’s no surprise that so many cultures have a Winter Solstice celebrations!

Grace: Or that Scandinavians are such an interesting people.

Phyllis: And no wonder Russians drink all the time!

Ok, so they’re astronomy experts and world culture experts.


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