Day #789

9:20 AM: Carson Kressley likes to control the window blinds in his area. If it’s raining, he puts them down and closes them so he doesn’t have to look at the dreary outdoors. If it’s sunny, he likes to open them fully so he can see the sun. Today is the first day we’ve seen the sun in nine days, and his desk faces Phyllis’s area, so he took it a little further…

Carson Kressley: Um, Phyllis, today may be an open-blind type of day.

Phyllis: What’s that?

Carson Kressley: It’s sunny out. Maybe you want to open your blinds?

Phyllis: Oh! let’s see.

Carson Kressley: Yeah, that makes it so much brighter over there!

He passively commanded her to open her blinds. 

10:50 AM: Carson Kressley and Phyllis have a long-running commentary about how people who read their publications don’t ever have anything nice to say, but only reach out when they have a complaint. Carson Kressley had his ego stroked today…

Carson Kressley: I actually just got a complimentary email!

Phyllis: You did?!

Carson Kressley: Yes! She said she likes reading my magazine!

Phyllis: You should go out and buy a lottery ticket!

Carson Kressley: Unprompted, she sent me an email!

Phyllis: Did hell just freeze over?

Carson Kressley: She wrote that she found it informative and she’s always happy to learn something new!



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