Day #784

8:43 AM: Phyllis came over to her desk with her mouth full…

Phyllis: There is a really nice relish tray in the kitchen if you’re interested in veggies this morning.

Carson Kressley: Oh okay. Well, as you can tell, I did not win the lottery.


8:47 AM: Carson Kressley came back with a plate and said “It is a good spread. There’s nothing wrong with a little carrots and celery in the morning!”


8:48 AM: Phyllis said, “I’m a sucker for all these emails. Junk. Junk. Junk. Until I see ‘$10 million gorgeous in Hawaii!’ Okay, I’ll read it!”

Phyllis: On an editing note, why would they capitalize “Butler’s Pantry?” is it Rhett Butler’s Pantry?

Carson Kressley: Real estate people are notoriously bad at writing.

8:55 AM: Phyllis came back from the kitchen with a second plate of veggies piled high with peppers and told Carson Kressley, “Well the peppers are slow sellers.”


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