Day #777

8:12 AM: Roseanne Barr is sitting at her desk reading her Kindle. I can tell it’s been at least 10 minutes because she’s been logged out of her computer. Once she got logged out, she logged back in so it appeared she was working and went right back to reading. 

8:19 AM: Mrs. O’Leary is on the phone, seemingly with her sister. Her deadbeat brother has now moved out of their deceased mother’s condo and has an apartment, “I talked to him. He said he was mostly fine except for that young whippersnapper roommate he has. I told him, ‘Well, he’s in his 20’s. That’s what they do. They come home, have their friends over to play games and then they play their music ’til 3 or 4 in the morning.’ Comes with the territory, ya know?”

8:22 AM: Grace has arrived. She took her hat off and gave her head a big side-to-side toss like the “babe” in an 80’s movie. Except instead of tight jeans and a crop top, she’s wearing a cardigan with bright blue and green flowers, paired with khakis.

3:01 PM: Grace has been talking to herself quite a bit today. Not sure what she’s working on, but she apparently needs to read out loud for it to make sense.

3:10 PM: Grace just said, “Interesting.” out loud in a way that implied something went wrong. Like when you’re at a friend’s house and you try to flush the toilet and it doesn’t work, so you say, “Interesting.” as the horror sets in.

3:35 PM: Grace came back from the kitchen with an announcement…

Grace: Okay, Carson Kressley, there are two full cases of Diet Coke in the kitchen.

Carson Kressley: I saw that when I went to get tea earlier. But there were a lot of boxes at that point. So it sounds like people have taken them.

Grace: Ahhh, well, there are still some in there.

Carson Kressley: They’re expired. Did you notice that?

Grace: But does soda really expire?

Then I heard her open her free can of Diet Coke and pour it into her glass…

4:06 PM: Gordon Ramsay went into the printer room and yelled, “DAMN…. DAMMIT!” once his project started to print. Then walked back into his office, flipped through a few pages, and shouted, “SHIT!” Rough Tuesday.


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