Day #772

8:17 AM: Roseanne Barr complained about her boss…

My computer crapped out on Monday and he still hasn’t been able to get me a new one… When they fired the network guy earlier this year, they never replaced him, and he was the only one who know how to “ghost” computers so we could give them to new users. So he’s been handing out computers to people as they need them, but now he’s out of backups and needs to use an old one, but he doesn’t know how to do to it…

The worst thing about him is he has no follow through. He’ll come over to me and say “Hey, I want you to do this,” or “I need you to start up this project,” but then he never follows through. I don’t know how to do these things. He never says a thing about it again. What am I supposed to do? Go park myself in his office and wait for him to tell me what he wants me to do and how to do it? No. I hate that.

Well, some people might call that “taking initiative.”

9:20 AM: Grace apparently had some major delay to her commuter train. She is flustered, but here, and wearing a long teal cable knit sweater and black pants. Are these the same black pants she wore for the past two days? Her hair is matted in the back. She may have fallen asleep on her delayed train.

2:25 PM: Phyllis is listing off stretches of sidewalk that are treacherous when there is ice on the ground…

That one block is the worst. They have the Corner bakery, then the nail place, then the whole middle of the block has no salt. I refuse to walk there. Then, over across the street, they have the “fancy” tile that’s all Caddywhompus… It’s the same in the Board of Trade. They have all these little 6-inch tiles and it’s an eternal project because they can never get them level. Just stick to darn concrete!… All architects must be from L.A…



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