Day #765

9:50 AM: Grace’s cell phone rang from her purse. She has been asked repeatedly to put her cell phone on vibrate, but she never remembers, so every time it rings, she says “Oh, shit!” and rummages through her purse to silence it as fast as she can.

This phone call was apparently from her doctor’s office, because she said “Well, I was hoping to reschedule my appointment… How about we do Thursday instead of Saturday?…” Then she whispered, “That way I can sleep in on Saturday!” 

3:25 PM: We had a team meeting. Most people talk about specific things they achieved and that they’re working on. But Grace usually just lists of a few things she’s thinking about doing…

Well, I took it upon myself to update the step-by-step instruction manual for the monthly financial numbers we post online. The process has changed, so I’ve been updating it, but it’s not just updating the words. That would be easy, but updating the pictures is the hard part. Because they all have to fit in the page and have the instructions on top. So that part has been a little more challenging than I expected. But it’s been a good ‘down time’ activity for me.

Screenshots are hard, but it’s a good thing to do between breaks.



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