Day #763

8:35 AM: Gordon Ramsay just stomped down the hall and accidentally kicked his desk when he walked into his office, creating a loud bang. He then cursed to himself and threw down his bag. Gonna be a great year, folks.

8:55 AM: I asked Roseanne Barr how her time off was… “Mostly fine. I had some dental work, so that was uncomfortable, but it was fine otherwise. I spent yesterday crying because I knew I had to come back here.”

4:20: Grace asked Phyllis how her Christmas went and the two of them started talking about the stress of Christmas time…

Grace: My oldest son’s car has been up on blocks for months. It’s an old beater and it needed a lot of repairs. It took him a lot of time to finally get the money. There was one part he needed that, of course, was discontinued. He ordered it on eBay. It wasn’t expensive. It was maybe $20. But I always yell at everyone in my house about putting things on the table. Because, I don’t know. Maybe one day we might want to do something crazy like have Christmas dinner at the table.

So he’s asking…

Where’s my part? Where’s my car part?

I don’t know.

Well, I left it right here!

I can help you look for it, but I have no idea what this thing looks like.

So after 20 minutes of scrambling through the house, he did find it on the living room floor. How it got there, I don’t know. But it goes back to my advice of “Don’t just leave your crap on the table.”

Phyllis: Well, that’s my husband’s least favorite part about the holidays. Everything gets shuffled. Every horizontal surface was going to be covered in food, so it had to be closed.

Grace: I got my office cleaned out just in time for us to move all the furniture into my office.

Phyllis: Half my living room is in my basement!

Car up on blocks. Leaving eBay purchases around his home, which he shares with his parents and brother… Grace’s son sounds like a real winner.


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