Day #750

1:34 PM: My company’s librarian, who is a 60+ Jewish guy who talks too much and can’t take a hint when you’re not in the mood to talk, passed me in the hallway and asked…

Librarian: Would you like to adopt a six-year-old?

Me: No thank you.

Librarian: You sure? He’s fully potty-trained, speaks four languages, makes his own bed, he’s 5’11…

Me: I will pass.

Librarian: Really, you can just take him right off my hands.

Me: That does not sound very appealing.

Librarian: All it takes is a good belt… Which, he would actually enjoy, but I won’t go there.

He’s talking about his husband. He constantly refers to him as his child at home. They sleep in separate rooms and the husband is on a lot of medication. No thank you.

1:56 PM: Carson Kressley just tried to convince me to watch all of Downton Abbey when PBS runs a marathon on Dec. 30. I humored him and said, “I’ll watch it on Netflix someday. Just not when I’m out of town to visit family.”


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