Day #746

8:23 AM: I had a conversation with Roseanne Barr. I asked her why Mrs. O’Leary was mean muggin’ yesterday and she went off on quite the rant…

She is such a fuckin’ bitch. I was talking to her yesterday and she was pissed. Furious because a friend of hers, who has been her friend for 20 years, apparently didn’t send a card when her mother died. Mrs. O’Leary hasn’t spoken to this friend since, but now she’s mad because this friend had the nerve to call her and wish her a happy birthday. Can you believe that? This friend didn’t send a card a year ago when her mom died and she’s still holding this grudge…

She was telling me about that damn box she spent so long taping. Her family does a gift swap thing and she picked her nephew. So she sent them a bedding set and a pair of matching pajamas. She asked if I could hear her taping the box. I wanted to tell her it was loud as hell, but I just told her, “Yeah, I could hear the tape….”

You know how she talks about her mother like she’s a damn angel in heaven? Before her mom died, she used to come in every. single. morning. and bitch about her. She’d say “That old bitch” or “That woman” and bitch about her all day long. Now she died and she talks like her mother was a saint. That’s bullshit…

Sometimes she’ll  go in the kitchen and see me in there and she’ll say, “Come on. Let’s go have a cigarette,” but I always try to ditch her. I don’t want to go smoke with her. All she does is complain! I mean, I like to complain, but I can’t stand listening to her just bitch all the time…


10:05 AM: Grace walked into the printer room and said, “Ow, ow, ow! SHIT!”

10:38 AM: Our President is in the office today. He walked up to Grace and asked “What city is that on you computer background?” She responded, “You know what? I don’t know!”



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