Day #745

8:05 AM: I was in the kitchen with one of the members of the “Fun Committee”…

Me: All set for the big company holiday party tomorrow?!

FCM: No.

Me: Oh, no! Do you guys have a lot left to do?

FCM: Not really.

Me: Okay, so it sounds like you’re getting pretty close.

FCM: There are just a few things we still need to do. We mostly just want it to be over.

Great, so the people planning the party just want the party to be over. Sounds like it’s gonna be a blast!

8:58 AM: Phyllis is telling Carson Kressley about the food service downstairs and what they’ll be serving…

They’re serving mashed potato bowls downstairs today. Can you think of any better comfort food on a day where the temperature is zero degrees?… And they serve it with a side of cornbread. Ha! Carbs galore… Let’s see what else you can get on top of it… Oh, corn! More carbs!… You eat this and you might fall into a stupor!

If I go downstairs and buy you a bowl of mashed potatoes topped with corn and with a side of cornbread, does that mean you’ll stop talking?

3:23 PM: Carson Kressley stood up to tell Phyllis he’s not feeling very productive this afternoon and then talked about his lunch…

Carson Kressley: I got a burger. With Merkt’s cheddar. And it aleeeeeegedly had bacon on it. It was a big hunk of meat, but it didn’t have much on it. I was a little disappointed.

Phyllis: I was happy with mine. You can’t go wrong with chicken and lemon.

Carson Kressley: I need to start eating better in general. I need to stick to salads. I’ve been going across the street to Walgreens and buying those little Christmas candies that are 3 for $1.50 and what not. So bad for you!

3:28 PM: Carson Kressley went to the kitchen and came back announcing, “There are cookies in the kitchen!… They’re not homemade cookies. They’re store-bought, but still. If anyone wants a cookie.”



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