Day #739

8:18 AM: Phyllis and I are the only people around so far. She just took a big breath and sighed “Oh my goodness” as she was exhaling. Gonna be a long Friday for Phyllis.

8:30 AM: Grace’s hours are 8-4:30. She has been arriving at work later these past few weeks. She strolled in today at 8:22 AM and then went in to the bathroom with her makeup bag for a few minutes. She’s now back at her desk and turning on her computer for the first time today.

8:34 AM: I heard a beep from Phyllis side of the wall…

Phyllis: I update my phone today, so if you hear strange noises, that’s why.

Me: Do you know how to turn the sound off?

Phyllis: Well, I always have the sound off, but for some reason, it keeps making these sounds… It looks like it kept most of my settings… Except my Bluetooth went on?!?!?!

Praying Phyllis’s phone starts to play the Ride of the Valkyries against her will so I can listen to her struggle to turn it off.


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