Day #718

8:40 AM: This is the most old lady thing Phyllis has ever said…

I’m looking at a company’s website and I know it’s a “hipster” group because they have all their headshots, but they’re listed… by their first names. Not their last names. So Zack is last on the list.

She does not mean hipster in the way that we use the term today.

8:45 AM: Carson Kressley came back to his desk with the quickness because he had something to say…

Carson Kressley: There is an entire brownie tray in the kitchen!

Phyllis: From the Board meeting yesterday?

Carson Kressley: I suppose so.

Phyllis: So, do I want to start the day with junk?

Carson Kressley: YES! Why is that even a question?

Carson Kressley will be eating only brownies today and possibly through the weekend.

10:22 AM: Carson Kressley stood up to tell Phyllis that the Amityville horror house recently sold…

Phyllis: My sister-in-law yelled at her ghost and told him, “If you’re not paying the mortgage, you cant stay here!”

Carson Kressley: Did the ghost leave?

Phyllis: I think the manifestations left the more work they did to the house.

12:15 PM: Lunch has arrived for our Board members. Carson Kressley and Phyllis are like dogs on the hunt. They keep sniffing and trying to identify what the food is. They’ve decided it’s chicken, but they can’t figure out where the chicken might be from. Phyllis emailed America Ferrara, who is in charge of these meals, to find out more. The answer is TBD.

12:28 PM: Update on the smell from Phyllis.

Phyllis: Okay! I got an answer from America Ferrara! Gus’s Famous Fried Chicken. And she sent me a link. Okay, let’s see here… Locations… Okay… Dallas, Detroit… They must have a Chicago location, right?

Carson Kressley: Well, yeah. They’re not going to fly lunch in from out of state.

Phyllis: Oh, yep. Here’s a Chicago location… Let’s see… 847 W Fulton.

Thank god this has been solved. But now I’ll have to deal with 30 minutes of these two talking about how they now are craving chicken and they’ll toy with whether or not to change their existing lunch plans.


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