Day #690

9:52 AM: Grace made a call on behalf of a friend…

Hi Barb. My name is Grace I’m a friend of Maureen’s. She asked me to give you a call. She received your message about the payment. She’s on vacation in New York. She’s on her way back now, but she has terrible signal, so she isn’t able to call you herself. She asked me to tell you that she’s not blowing you off, but she is out of town at the moment. She’ll drop the payment on her way to church on Sunday.

So she had signal to call Grace, but not signal to call her friend? Something is fishy here and it’s name is MAUREEN.

12:49 PM: Carson Kressley has spent a good deal of time bitching about the new iOS, but he is now a fan of it because he just discovered the new texting features. He said, “I’ve been sending every text with lasers or fireworks or with the loud features. I’m driving my friends crazy!”

Wait, who the hell wants to be friends with a lobster sweater-wearing elitist who loves nothing more than free food? The thought of splitting a dinner bill with him gives me chills. “Well, I only ate 6 pieces of the calamari…”


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