Day #687

8:33 AM:  When Grace has a question for me, she just starts talking without even checking that I’m listening. I had my headphones in, but I saw the top of her head turned my way, so I paused my podcast and took out my headphones…

Me: I’m sorry, what was that Grace?

Grace: Do you have the password for our LinkedIn account?

Me: No, it’s your own password. Your personal account has been granted admin access.

Grace: Oh. Hmmm. Usually when I click on the LinkedIn link, it just takes me right to the page.

Me: Right, but it appears you’ve been signed off. So you’ll have to sign in using your personal email and password.

Grace: Hmm. Now that’s a good question…

I just slowly sat down while she said “Hmmmmmmmm” aloud to herself. 

9:23 AM: Just saw a woman in the kitchen who filled up her coffee mug to the brim and then spilled it all over the floor the whole way out of the kitchen. I cleaned up the mess on her behalf.


















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