Day #683

8:41 AM: Grace called her husband…

“You need to pick me up from the train tonight… Well, if I’m on the quiet car, I can’t use my phone. So you’ll just have to be there… Alright. Bye.”

I guess we know who wears the high, elastic-waisted pants in the relationship.

10:08 AM: Phyllis is filling out her self-assessment for our annual reviews…

“Ha! This form tells you to ‘List three to five strengths,’ but there are only three boxes!”

Should I show her how to add rows to a table, or nah?

11:15 AM: For the second Friday in a row, we’ve been permitted to wear baseball paraphernalia to celebrate our baseball team’s advancement in the playoffs. Phil Dunphy’s Lame Cousin, who probably measures somewhere around 5’4″, is wearing a baseball jersey that comes down to just above his knees. He looks like a girlfriend borrowing her boyfriend’s shirt for bed.


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