Day #679

8:30 AM: Phil Dunphy’s Lame Cousin told me about taking his kids to breakfast over the weekend. He usually brings only his 12-year-old son to breakfast while his daughter is at practice. But she didn’t have practice this week, so the 9-year-old joined along. The kids got in an argument because they both wanted to pour the cream in to their dad’s coffee. Apparently the boy does this every Saturday and fought for his right to do it again this weekend. Phil Dunphy’s Lame Cousin, ever the mediator, came up with a solution. His son got to pour in the cream and his daughter got stirring privileges. This was the highlight of his weekend. 

2:05 PM: Grace is back from vacation. Just saw her walking through the office with a wardrobe malfunction. Her shirt slid up, so there’s an inch of pasty white belly sticking out above her black pants. I can see all the way around her belly button and now I don’t want lunch anymore.












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