Day #662

8:20 AM: Mrs. O’Leary called her aunt and read an entire email from her sister. This is the sister who (as we learned on Day #659) interfered with the attorney who is handling their mother’s estate and is “so unbelievably diluted about herself.”…

Hey Aunt Ann. It’s Mrs. O’Leary. When I got up this morning, guess who I had an epic novella email from… Let me read it to you…

Mrs. O’Leary, 

Thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ve really shown your strength. I know you’ve tried hard – very hard – to be impartial and I’m hoping you will consider my thoughts now. I believe that too much time has been wasted as you’ve waited to hear back from the attorney. We really need you to move this strategy up. Your refusal to contact these attorneys is costing valuable time and money. You’re representing the only inheritance that Mother’s kids are going to receive and, little-by-little, it is being eaten away by the delays and further payments on Mother’s empty condo. You are representing all of us and I hope you are willing to do what is right for the people you are making decisions for. If you incur a $50 charge for a phone call, then the rest of us will be better served by having the information.

We… WE… capitalized… are all part of the decisions being made and sometimes you have to let this attorney know you are looking for answers. You have got to get this, Mrs. O’Leary. For all our sakes. We all have a major vested interest in the outcome. I am asking you again to follow up in a timely basis. Give this attorney a call and find out the answer to the biggest question we have to understand. It just has to be done. If he doesn’t call you back, then you contact him. You have to call him every day until you hear back. Waiting a week or more for some kind of response is not acceptable. It just isn’t. We are running out of time. And in the past 24 days, since you first contacted his office, you have talked to him once and you talked to his paralegal once and you still don’t have the information. 

I’m sorry, Mrs. O’Leary, that I felt the need to step in here, but I don’t think you’re considering my feelings or the consequences to everyone else. He was supposed to call you back on Tuesday. And your email today led me to believe not only that he didn’t call you, but that you’ve let another week slip by without you trying to reach him again. This would be okay if this was just your decision and you were the only one being affected, but your lack of follow up is going to have an impact on the rest of us. And that is not right, Mrs. O’Leary. And it’s not fair. I will give you a chance to contact him and I will also ask you to keep us in the loop. If I haven’t heard any more from you by next Tuesday, then I will be calling his office again. I’d like you to be the one to do this too, but if you don’t, I will have to. 

We need to know what our options are. We need to decide as a group what we’re paying on the condo for October, which is just a short eight days away. Please, Mrs. O’Leary. Do what’s right for all of us and let us know what we need to find out. 

Love, Katherine


I’ve been thinking about the holidays this year. I don’t know if I’m up for it this year. Especially with her. I don’t know if I’ll even do Thanksgiving this year or anywhere other than by myself at my own house…

The only thing I can do is the best I can. If that’s unsatisfactory for other people, that’s too bad. If it’s not up to their standards, too bad. And no, I’m not considering Katherine’s feelings because I don’t give a fuck.

Anyway, I gotta go. Again, this is just taking up too much of my damn time.

Anyone have an email address for Shonda Rhimes? I’ve got an idea for a show about a Midwestern Catholic family led by a woman who’s got a mouth like sailor and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

9:13 AM: Phyllis has a question.

Phyllis: Carson Kressley, would you say it’s sunny a lot in San Francisco?

Carson Kressley: I would not say that.

Phyllis: In my news feed this morning, I got a notification that Tesla is starting solar charging and they’re rolling it out in San Francisco of all places.

Carson Kressley: Well, the sun still comes through the clouds. You could still get a sun tan from it.

Phyllis: My perception was that it would be like going into the antarctic where it’s nighttime for 6 months.

10:49 AM: Phil Dunphy’s Lame Cousin is wearing cowboy boots under his jeans.

12: 47 PM: It’s almost 1:00, which means Phyllis is in full weather assessment mode. Carson Kressley stood up and looked out the window, so Phyllis took the opportunity to put on her meteorologist hat… “It hasn’t rained yet, but it hasn’t lightened up yet either. I bet it’ll be humid out there, but not too hot.”

Meanwhile, Carson Kressley is wearing a thick long-sleeved shirt and a jacket to go out for lunch. It’s 72 degrees.

1:37 PM: I walked in to the kitchen to refill my water bottle and woke a woman up from her nap. She hadn’t finished her lunch yet. She was sitting straight up, but her head had fallen over onto her left shoulder. She’s having a productive Friday.


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